• Find Best PreSchool for Your Child

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    Posted on Apr 09, 2015 at 18:30
Find Best PreSchool for Your Child

In a very real sense, your child is an explorer who faces a future in unknown territory. As a parent you are doing everything you can to get her ready for this great adventure.


In today’s date parents search for the best nursery school for their child is to ensure a strong foundation for their future candidacy.


How preschoolers learn Preschooler, ages 2-6, follow their own individual developmental patterns, which may vary greatly from child to child. Nevertheless, at this age children learn best when they: -


Feel safe and secure in their environment.

Children should feel that their teachers like having them around and that they are important to them and to the classmates. Children learn best when activities and materials offer just enough challenge—they are neither so easy that they are boring nor so difficult that they lead to frustration.


Can connect what they learn with past experiences and current interests

Learners of any age—and especially young children—understand and remember new things that relate to the experiences, knowledge, and skills they already possess.


Have opportunities to explore and play

Preschoolers need materials and equipment that will spark their interest: they thrive when they are able to experiment, test things out for themselves, and draw their own conclusions.


Good preschool programs promote learning and development

Below programs should be covered in Preschool Curriculum:

Following points are the basic guideline when selecting the right school for your child’s preschool admission:


Focus on Curriculum

The base of education and development of a child depends upon the curriculum of a school. A good school will definitely stress more on designing a perfect curriculum for their students. Ask about the curriculum, which should include a variety of activities appropriate for the children's ages and needs.


 Qualified staff

Young children are not like other students. Their needs are unique and one must be aware of this. The separation from their parents in the beginning can be difficult, and a teacher must help them through this transition. Teachers are the heart of a school. Ask how long teachers and staff have been with the program. Teachers that stay in the program longer are more able to focus their attention on the children and establish bonds with them.


Relationships with Families

When families are positively involved in their child’s education, the child will flourish. Family and school represent the primary environments in which young children grow and develop, and good schools value parental involvement. The foundation for good parent-teacher relationships is frequent and open communication, mutual respect and a clear understanding of what is best for each individual child. Check that the program's policies allow families to visit their child during the program day.


Safety and Health

The safety of the children at Preschool is important to us all. A preschool environment should be safe, above all things, and ensuring safety in a preschool setting encompasses a number of considerations. Ask how often play area is checked. Do preschool have kitchen? If yes, then observe hygiene and safety measures are used or not.  

Sick Policy

Parents should not send their child when they are sick. Even school staff should observe whether the child is sick or not. If they found sick they should not allow child to sit in class. Ask preschool whether they have Sick Policy in place or not. Ask if child get sick during school hours what measure preschool will take.











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