• Don’t look at academics just, but extra-curricular activities as well while selecting a school

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    Posted on Aug 13, 2015 at 07:00
Don’t look at academics just, but extra-curricular activities as well while selecting a school

Don’t look at academics just, but extra-curricular activities as well while selecting a school

As parents, you are always concerned about the 360 Degree development of your ward and not just academic excellence. From this perspective, it is incredibly important that the school chosen for admission offers a holistic approach. Extra-curricular activities develop kids from the point of view of getting success in the professional life. They offer intellectual, moral, social, and behavioral skills to deal with others. Spirit of competitiveness, winning zeal and enthusiasm are all an outcome of extra-curricular activities. Modern education system embed developmental and presentation skills in the evaluation system and a majority of schools focus towards other activities adequately.

What is the role of extra-curricular activities in the cognitive development?

Activities other than studies (e.g. music, art, sports, painting, acting, and others) develop several skills. Studies reveal the fact that students who excel in other developmental activities in addition to studies perform brilliantly in the professional life. Since these are personality building activities, students learn time-management and the sense of proportion by participating in them.

According to the technical definition, extra-curricular activities are the activities that are not directly related to the mainstream subjects of science, commerce, or arts. However, they enhance the cognitive capabilities and make the learning process fast. Effective participation and good performance in these activities boost the confidence level of the students and that gets reflected in the academic performance as well.

Schools that have recognition for excellent extra-curricular activities

Though each school emphasizes on extra activities, there are a few exceptional schools which have got a remarkable distinction in terms of excellent facilities for co-curricular activities and a focused approach.

Stone hill International School, the renowned school of Bangalore

Within 7 years after establishment, Stone hill School gained remarkable respect and recognition for not only great education standards but excellent extra-curricular activities too. Well-structured courses developed by educationists meet the demands of modern education. The school prepares the whole generation for the global village where multicultural and multinational communities will intermingle and interact. The widespread area of 40 acres is more than sufficient for state-of-the-art basketball, tennis courts and other games.

Shriram School Delhi, the right place for brilliant kids

A school with a bright history of 25+ years and a phenomenal future, Shriram School is always the top preference of parents. The school focuses on only one entity, the child and nothing else. Of course, the teachers are concerned about great academic standards, but they just do not stop there. The school isn’t obsessive for marks and grades, but for the overall development of the students. It is said that the extra-curricular and sports facilities here are one of the best in the capital. The fundamental philosophy of the school is that the kids should feel happy coming to the school. Education shouldn’t be a matter of stress for them.

Apollo Public School Patiala

When a school is located in a city like Patiala, how can it ignore co-curricular activities especially sports? Apollo Public School is a recognized name for the all-round personality development of students. The management and teachers take care that everyone gets a chance of nurturing hobbies and interests as per personal interest. Personality development and leadership development programs carve out the best qualities of their personality.



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