• Looking for the best boarding school for boys

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Looking for the best boarding school for boys

The Doon School, Dehradun.

Looking for the best boarding school for boys , The Doon School in Dehradun is the right place for your kid. Founded in 1935 The Doon School is one of the top boarding school in India.

Imparting world class education is the base of Doon School the approach is based on the best educational practices from Indian and around the world, also the school has finest infrastructure with a vast range of flora fauna, ample greenery and open space for kids to play and develop.

Education at the Doon school comes from almost all the cities in India followed by Indian students staying overseas.

Admission process in Doon School: 

The school admits boys in January and April every year. In January, it admits into the 8th standard (C form), and in April it admits into the 7th standard (D form).

The child’s age factor is considered while giving the admission i.e. to be admitted in the 7th standard, a boy must be over 11 years and under 12 years of age in September of the year in which he sits for the entrance test. To be admitted in the 8th standard, he must be over 12 years and under 13 years of age in September of the year in which he sits for the test.

After fulfilling the age factor boys need to apply for the written test which is the base level for qualifying towards the admission. The written test is conducted in all major cities in India. (Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Kolkata, Lucknow, Mumbai and Dehradun).

All the boys who clear the written test need to appear before the panel for a personal interview.


The Doon School ‘s academic focuses on encouraging the boys to utilize their talents, develop their creative & intellectual interests. The academics is constructed in such a manner that the boys are able to develop their knowledge in the international context .Along with academics service and an understanding of each other’s cultural backgrounds and religions is a crucial aspect that is thought to the boys.

Curriculum includes not just developing the educational knowledge but a number of foreign languages are thought along with Hindi and Sanskrit. Art , sport & music is the most essential form of education being imparted to students here, as per their interest. Special care is given to the health and thus physical exercise and yoga is imparted to every student.

Boarding at Doon

The full boarding environment encourages a firm and strong sense of community and helps to develop relationship, friendship that will be sustained thought the life. The boys learn to adapt, adjust and stay with different kind of people giving space and valuing each other.

The houses are staffed by team of expert adults who work generously to sustain and uphold the sat and health of the boys. Each pupil regularly meets with the mentor/tutor who provides specific guidance.  The boys are provided with healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner. The wellness center takes complete care of students in case any child requires medical help. There are resident doctors, nurses and trained cheerful staff who look after the kids health.

The students here are called Doscos , one of the best know alumnus is former Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi. The school has produced finest of the pupils in the field of education, business, politics, literature, sports, army.



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