• Advantage Of Engineering Education

    by Acadym

    Posted on Sep 25, 2015 at 08:14
Advantage Of Engineering Education

Engineering is one of the esteemed streams in the education & industry sector. Engineering is a passion which people carry and maintain the entire life. The study of engineering involves how the social, political, economical, cultural and the historical dynamics affect the technology, research, design, innovation and in return how these benefit the society.

The engineers claim engineering as their passion and not just profession, so let’s understand what makes engineering a passion and what are it’s advantages.

  1. Prestige: Along with popular profession like medicine , Engineering has stood as one of the most prestigious arena in the education industry. Most of the parents we know feel proud to share that their son/daughter is an engineer. An engineer gains tremendous respect from the society as he/she is expected to be the one to bring change in the society for the betterment of the people. A good engineer carries career satisfaction which makes him more professional and innovative.
  2. Good money and perks: Most of the reputed engineering companies pay healthy salary to the employees. Well the employee is expected to put their heart in their work and the effort is benefited well with not just good salary but the engineers are given good perks as well (like petrol reimbursement, good bonus, decent salary hike,etc)

  3. Excellent Employment Prospects: Today most of the industries require good engineers, the scope of employment for engineers have widened. IT/ Non-IT both the industries are booming and thus the requirement of engineers in increased. The need of engineers globally has increased with the increase in the trade relationship between various countries. An engineer has scope in the IT sector, a factory, a plant, the aviation, navy and many more.

  4. Professionalism: The engineering curriculum enables a person not only to gain educational knowledge but also develops the individual. Students are given projects where they are required to make demo engineering projects. Here the students learn to understand the various aspects of engineering right from planning to execution of the projects. This develops the students and makes them ready to enter the corporate world.

  5. Various career options: There is something beautiful about technology, it just changes the world thus the scope of engineering is ever growing. An engineer has opening in various branches. Engineers can find place in IT, business, legal, technology , projects, business development and many other streams.

  6. Creativity: Innovation and creativity is the essence of engineering. The knowledge is applied with creativity. Imagine you have to build a huge power plant or you are required to build a beautiful airport. Here you need to combine your basic education + creativity. An engineer is required to analyze the situation on a daily basis and come up with suitable creative outcome for it.

  7. Enables to accept challenge: Building a huge tunnel, fetching out oil& gas, developing security systems and many such challenging jobs are the ones undertake n by the engineers. The engineering studies prepares you to take up such challenges which requires applied knowledge, experience and dedication. Throughout your studies and your later career, you will be faced with problems which will require your creativity and logical analysis skills. The Real world problems will be open ended with no wrong or right answer. It’ll be up to you to find a solution and stand up to it, convincing others it's right. The engineering challenge is something to look forward to.

  8. Your Society needs Engineers like you: Engineering has been part of the society since the Stone Age. It’s the engineering that discovered the fire and now the 21st century has moved way far and requires much development towards the betterment of the society. 



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